Sunday, November 15, 2009

Care for your Backside Synthetic Sleeping Bag

All sleeping bags, whether down or synthetic need cleaning. Body oils & dust decrease the effectiveness of a bag's insulation properties and increase odors and weaken the microbes fibre. For synthetic bags, use a mild detergent or cleaning agent designed for synthetic material. For best results Scrub the head and foot areas before washing the entire bag. Wash warm and rinse cold with the minimum recommended amount of cleaning agent in a spindle type washing machine only.
Make sure that all soap is thoroughly rinsed. You may need to run the cycle 2-3 times to assure the sleeping bag is rinsed properly.

After completing the final rinse, roll bag to press out as much water without wringing out the bag (wringing out will breakdown fibres, reducing insulating properties). Place the synthetic bag in a large pillowcase for support reducing the risk of damaging the baffles or possibly the entire bag. Tumble dry on medium low heat in a commercial dryer large enough for the bag to toss around freely. Allow 3-4 hour dry time.

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